Confessions of a B2B Entrepreneur
May 18, 2023
It’s June 2012 and Joey Xoto has just been fired from his accounting job. To make matters worse, he’s about to get married. He needs to make some cash… and fast. So he turns to the internet. He offers to make videos for an internet marketing coach in exchange for advice and then builds an information product in the video marketing space. Three more information and two more software products later, Joey teams up with Jamie Garside and David Chamberlain to build Viddyoze. Fast forward to May 2020, and the Viddyoze team grossed just shy of $3m in revenue whilst investing a total of $80k in SaaS PPC. How? This episode of Confessions of a B2B Marketer explains 🤓
What did we learn?

  1. What industries do you have passion for or interest in? And how can you combine them to become the best at a very specific thing…
  2. Whether you are a SaaS founder or marketer… do you go all in when something has potential to be big?
  3. Who has a big list of your potential customers and how can you incentivise them to email their list for you?
  4. What other products are complimentary to your SaaS? And can you set up deals to promote them and therefore increase your LTV.
  5. Is there an innovative way you can deliver value to a subset of customers for a one-off investment?
  6. How can you use your onboarding and user journeys to upsell to your customers?
  7. How can you spend more on SaaS PPC by maximising revenue on the back end?
  8. Who are you really and how can you show the world?
  9. What is the single growth channel you will be focused on for the rest of this year?