Confessions of a B2B Entrepreneur
March 15, 2023
It’s 10:20 am on the 8th of September in 2011, Bryan Helmig sends Wade Foster a text with a business idea... 📱 They team up with the third cofounder Mike Knoop, take this idea and to build out the Zapier MVP during the first annual Colombia Startup Weekend. They chose the name Zapier as the domain was available and has “API” in the middle 🤓 Wade quits his job as they sell lifetime access to the initial Beta in January 2012 for $100 to ten or so customers. 📈 9 years, 2,000 integrations and $50m in annual revenue later and anyone who is anyone in the #SaaS… integrates with Zapier. 💸 How? This episode of Confessions of a B2B Marketer explains 🤓
What did we learn?

  1. Where is your market heading over the next 5-10 years and can you start skating there now?
  2. Go manual for the first 100 customers…
  3. What is your slippery slope from discovery to value creation to value capture?
  4. Who would your ideal SaaS partners be and how can you incentivise them to promote you?
  5. Maybe consider scrapping your next CS hire and build out a rota for your team to action support.
  6. What content bridges the gap between someone searching and someone using your SaaS… and do you have to be the one to create it?
  7. How can you insert native CTA’s into your blog posts?
  8. Which big players in your niche can you convince to promote each-other? (and you of course!)
  9. What can your SaaS offer talent that other competitors can not?